Monday, January 7, 2013

My Ex Girlfriend Is Dating a New Guy - Would It Be a Good Idea to Try and Break Them Up?

You’ve thought about it from the moment that you heard that your ex girlfriend is now dating another guy.  The idea that it would be an option to try and break them up.  After all,  if she wasn’t with this new guy,  wouldn’t that open the door up for you to come back in the picture?

Not so fast.

If you end up being the reason why she breaks up with this new guy… you are going to pay the price.  You are going to be the enemy,  the villain that got in the way of her happiness.

That doesn’t bode well for you to make a comeback and sweep her off her feet.

As tempting as it might be to try and break up the new couple,  you have to resist that urge.

You have to realize that there IS a better way to handle this kind of a situation.

Remind yourself… that it is probably just a rebound relationship and it will fade out in due time and if you want her back,  that will be the perfect timing for something to happen.  Remind yourself that the moment that she realizes that you were the one that caused a rift in the relationship with this new guy… she will begin to hate you,  even despise you.

You don’t want her to feel that way.

It’s natural to want to see her break up with this new guy that she is dating if you want her back.  Admit it,  the very thought of them no longer being a couple puts a smile on your face.  It’s okay for you to feel that way.

Just realize that you can’t actually go through with it and actually be the one that breaks them up.

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