Monday, October 29, 2012

Revenge May Be Sweet, Actually Having a Life Is Sweeter

Revenge.  It certainly does have a certain appeal,  doesn’t it?  However,  if the person you are thinking about getting revenge on happens to be your ex girlfriend,  you might want to get out of that train of thought for a moment.

The problem with trying to get revenge on an ex girlfriend is two fold.

On the one hand,  you are going to waste precious time and energy that could be better spent elsewhere trying to plot out your revenge on her and on the other hand,  you’ll make yourself look like the jerk in most people’s eyes.

Revenge might be sweet,  but actually having a life and carrying on after a break up is going to be a lot sweeter.

What would you rather be doing,  sitting and stewing in your anger and your hurt,  or actually going out and having a fun time?

Who is going to end up being happier,  the guy who gets back at his ex girlfriend in some lame way,  or the guy who gets a new girlfriend or even gets the old one back?

It’s your choice,  but I know which one provides the most satisfaction.

You might get a moment or two of satisfaction getting your revenge on your ex girlfriend,  but you will get many moments if you actually put the whole thing behind you and move on.

Want to know how to get her back instead of trying to get back at her?