Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Ex Girlfriend Says She Needs Time to Figure Things Out

"I just need some time alone to figure things out."


The moment you hear your girlfriend utter those words, you immediately get the uneasy feeling that when she figures things out, you might not be in the picture, anymore.  That sucks for you because you know that you want to get her back.

You heart starts to race and you panic a little.

You cannot bear the thought of her ending the relationship, and worse than that, you cannot stand to think that she might end up with some new guy.

You know what you have to do, and so as soon as you get home, you call her on the phone.

You figure that she has had enough time to cool off and you will be able to “change” her mind and make her want to take back those words.

Problem is, she doesn’t pick up the phone.

Ahh, but you are a resourceful guy, and you know that she NEVER ignores a text message.

You promptly pick up your cell phone and pound away at the keys so fast, that you have to go back and fix a bunch of mistakes. You hit the send button.

You feel a sigh of relief, because you just know that she will respond back.

A few minutes pass, and nothing. It’s okay, though, you think that she must not have gotten it yet.

Then a half an hour passes and then an hour.

Now, you are worried.

Maybe she is for REAL this time.

No, it can’t be that. Maybe there was a glitch and she just never got the message.

Yes, that HAS to be it, you think to yourself.

So you send it again, this time being very careful that you don’t hit the wrong button or something silly like that.

More and more time passes, and you start to realize that she WAS serious.

What are you going to do NOW?

When most guys reach this point, they haven’t a CLUE.

So, they keep on doing the same things over and over, and it ends up making their girlfriend get sick of them.

Do you think that she will change her mind and come back to you if she is sick of all of the “attention” that she is getting from you?

No. It will just keep driving her AWAY from you.

You need to have a way to reach her, on an emotional level.

You know that this will work when all else fails, however, you don’t know what you should do to make her feel the RIGHT emotions.

There is a way…

When you understand what drives a woman emotionally to choose who she wants to be with, then you can make her see you as that guy.

It’s all about pushing the right buttons and making her feel attracted to you once again.

It’s the ONLY way to get your girlfriend back. You can try everything else first, but chances are, they will drive a wedge that you cannot get around.

Phone calls, text messages, they are not going to do the trick.

You need to have a proven system, a “formula” that will make her feel that attraction, that urge to overlook all of the problems and work things out with you.

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Ex Girlfriend Is Dating a New Guy - Would It Be a Good Idea to Try and Break Them Up?

You’ve thought about it from the moment that you heard that your ex girlfriend is now dating another guy.  The idea that it would be an option to try and break them up.  After all,  if she wasn’t with this new guy,  wouldn’t that open the door up for you to come back in the picture?

Not so fast.

If you end up being the reason why she breaks up with this new guy… you are going to pay the price.  You are going to be the enemy,  the villain that got in the way of her happiness.

That doesn’t bode well for you to make a comeback and sweep her off her feet.

As tempting as it might be to try and break up the new couple,  you have to resist that urge.

You have to realize that there IS a better way to handle this kind of a situation.

Remind yourself… that it is probably just a rebound relationship and it will fade out in due time and if you want her back,  that will be the perfect timing for something to happen.  Remind yourself that the moment that she realizes that you were the one that caused a rift in the relationship with this new guy… she will begin to hate you,  even despise you.

You don’t want her to feel that way.

It’s natural to want to see her break up with this new guy that she is dating if you want her back.  Admit it,  the very thought of them no longer being a couple puts a smile on your face.  It’s okay for you to feel that way.

Just realize that you can’t actually go through with it and actually be the one that breaks them up.

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Thursday, January 3, 2013
Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Ex Girlfriend is Avoiding Me and I Want Her Back So Much

You’d hoped that by now you would have been able to find a way to make your ex girlfriend want to be back together with you again,  but you just seem to get the cold shoulder from her.  It seems like your ex girlfriend is avoiding you and that hurts,  because you want her back so much.  What should you do if you have been chasing after your ex girlfriend because you want her back,  but she just seems to be avoiding you?

Answer:  Stop chasing after her for now.  In fact,  chasing after her is not what you want to do at all.  There is a big difference between pursuing your ex girlfriend and chasing after her.  When you are chasing after her,  it is to be expected that she is going to end up avoiding you.  It’s a classic case of push/pull.  The more you push,  the more she is going to pull away from you.

If you don’t want that to happen,  you have to be willing to stop chasing after her for a while.  Otherwise,  you are probably going to end up pushing her away for good and you won’t be complaining about her avoiding you… you’ll be complaining about how she is with another guy.  

I doubt that you want that to happen.  You have to have a better method for trying to win her back than to chase after her.  That is a desperation move and being desperate is not an attractive quality.

Have a life.

Keep busy.

Make her want to know what’s up with you because you haven’t been giving her any attention.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

She’s All You Think About Now

It’s funny how things go.

The little things that used to drive you crazy about your ex girlfriend when you were dating her still drive you crazy,  just in a different way.

You used to hate how she would creep into your side of the bed when you were trying to sleep.

Now,  you long to feel her next to you when you are sleeping.

You used to hate having to hear about every little thing that happened during her day.

Now,  you wish that you could hear the sound of her voice,  even if it was to tell you the most mundane things.

Your ex girlfriend is all that you think about now…

And you wonder…

Is there any way that you can get her back?

You can learn something from the way that you are feeling and that is… don’t take the little things for granted if you do get her back,  because those little things end up being what you miss the most about her and what you think about when you realize that she is the one that you want to be with.

Want her back?

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Your Ex Girlfriend is Dating a Loser - Does it Really Matter Much?

At first,  it might feel like a swift kick in the face or the balls to hear find out that your ex girlfriend is dating a total loser,  but you know what?

It might not be that bad after all.

Especially if you want her back.

If you had to compete with someone over her,  would you want to compete with a guy who is a total loser or a guy who is a winner?

Yeah,  it might make you feel like crap at first to think of her being with some guy who is a loser,  but if you change your perspective a bit… it might be the best scenario if you want to be able to get her back.

The problem really isn’t that your ex girlfriend is dating a loser…

It’s that you feel like you’ve lost her to that guy and that is what really stings.

However,  it probably didn’t happen like that.

You probably lost her just because and she just happened to rebound with that guy.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012
Wednesday, November 14, 2012

She Won’t Return My Phone Calls, What Do I Do?

Take a breather for a moment.  Yes,  you have been calling your ex girlfriend and yes,  for whatever reason all you are getting is her voice mail.  That should tell you something.  And it’s probably not what you are thinking.

It should tell you to BACK AWAY from the phone.

Put it away.  Lock it up.

Whatever you do,  don’t keep on dialing her number.

That’s not going to get you anywhere.

(Okay,  maybe it will -  but I don’t think you want to go there.)

If you are calling your ex girlfriend because you want her back — just stop.

It’s not going to work.

Long before the cell phone was even an idea and guys were still dialing rotary phones,  they were trying to call on their ex girlfriend with the same plan that you have right now.

They were going to cry for her.

They were going to beg and plead.

They were going to promise her that they would do anything they could to make her happy if she would just take them back.

It didn’t work then and it won’t work now.

There IS a better way,  trust me.

Take a deep breath and put the phone down.  Go here:

Friday, November 9, 2012
Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One Day She’s a Bitch, The Next Day You Love Her

One day you are thinking that your ex girlfriend is a cold hearted bitch for breaking up with you and the next day… you feel like you are totally in love with her.  That kind of bipolar roller coaster is natural,  it happens.

You are a mixed bag of emotions right now and that is to be understood.

You can’t get your heart broken and expect that you are going to have totally rational thoughts.

So,  it’s normal if you think that she is a bitch one day and then the love of your life the very next day.

It’s what you feel more often than not that really matters.

Do you feel like she is the one and the only reason why you have any negative thoughts about her is because of the fact that you are feeling like your heart has been broken?

That should tell you one thing…

It should be pretty obvious.

You WANT HER back.

The good thing is that you CAN get her back.